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Coin Operated Breathalyzers - AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel-Cell Coin Operated Breathalyzer -
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01.Coin Operated Vending Breathalyzer machine for Bars

AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel-Cell


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The AlcoScan AL3500 Coin-Operated Breathalyzer is a Breath alcohol tester for use in public spaces with 3 digit LED display of BAC, micro-computer control, automatic test sequence with visual and audio cues, activation by coin or free play button, universal power supply for AC 90 - 230 V operation.

The AlcoScan AL3500 Coin-Operated Breathalyzer is perfect for any bar, restaurant, club or any other establishment where alcohol is served. It offers customers an opportunity to know their exact BAC and offers owners an opportunity to add profitability to their business. The AlcoScan AL3500 Coin-Operated Breathalyzer is easy to use, easy to maintain and sure to be a hit with your patrons!

The AlcoScanĀ® AL3500SC is our original money-operated vending-style breathalyzer which uses pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology. The AlcoScanĀ® AL3500FC is a 2nd generation vending-style breathalyzer upgraded with advanced fuel-cell sensors that offer maximum precision across the spectrum of possible readings in addition to its own version of pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology.

Government approvals
DOT / NHTSA / NF / CE approved

Replaceable Sensor Module
Eliminate the delays and complications of re-calibration

Wide Range
Wide range of testing, from 0.01% - 0.40%BAC

Fast Response Time
Short warm up and response time, as well as a fast recovery time between tests.

Disposable Straw Mouthpieces
Ensure sanitary testing of many subjects with the AlcoScan AL3500's disposable straw mouthpiece system.

Accepts US/International Currency

Highly Selective Fuel Cell Sensor
The AlcoScan AL3500FC features the latest in Fuel Cell Sensors

Deep-lung Air Sampling System
Increased blowing time allows for deeper lung samples, ensuring more accurate readings.

Ultra Bright Digital Display
Easy to operate and read even in low lighting conditions.

Sleek Design
Attractive design and shock resistant plastic.

Audible Alerts / Low Battery Indicator

Compliance DOT /NHTSA, CE Approved
Sensor Fuel Cell Sensor
Operating Temp 0C ~ +40C
Recalibration Need: Sensor module exchange every 1000 tests
(Less expensive and more convenient than recalibration)
Breath Sampling Time 3 seconds (with 2 seconds for analysis)
Mouthpieces Cylindrical straw
Operational Range 0.00 ~ 0.40% BAC 0.00 ~ 2.00 mg/liter BRAC
Coin Mechanism Specify denomination of single coin
Sensor Accuracy CE Approved (E8050955975002)
( +/- 0.005 at 0.05%)
Digital display Three (3) digit bright LED with Voice cues
Size 20cm x 50cm x 36cm
Weight 21 lbs
Warranty 1 year

Why would a bar owner want a machine?
It projects the owner as a "responsible corporate citizen" in the community. It provides a tool and a tactful way to cut-off drunk and unruly customers. In this age people are more aware of their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and now they want to be "Alcohol Aware" too.

What do I need to do to service my machines?
The machines should be checked on a weekly basis for the first 3 weeks. After that you can service them every 3 to 4 weeks. Service is minimal. All you need to do is: collect your money, replace your straws, and clean the outside of the machine with mild soap and water. Then check the machine's calibration about every 6 months.

What types of people use our machines?
Everyone, young and old. With the growing Worldwide concern over drunk driving more and more people are wanting to be "alcohol aware." Most of the repeat users will be young people at college bars and sports bars. Many businessmen are also using these machines again and again. The drunk driving issues insure repeat use of our machine for years of constant income.

What about liability?
Essentially there is "no liability" regarding the breath alcohol analyzer. The reasons have been ascertained after thousands of dollars of painstaking research. The following conditions are necessary for a legal breath sample to be taken:
The test must be in a controlled environment, no alcohol or smoke present.
The test must be administered by a certified State/Provinical technician.
The test results must be in a printed form for admission into court.
The test must be on a State/Provincial approved and certified machine.
There is a legal disclaimer printed on the front of each machine.

What are the best locations?
Sports bars, Military clubs, Discos, large Nightclubs, College bars, Restaurants, Race tracks, Sporting events, or just about anyplace that a large amount of alcohol is served.

How much can I charge?
There are several key factors in deciding how much to charge for each test. In the U.S., most college area bars will have no problem paying 1 US dollar per test, or 1 Dollar Canadian.

What type of straws are required?

Our machines use normal straws! Straws can be ordered in every country from restaurant or bar supply companies.

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