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Professional Breathalyzers - SafeWay: Forensic-Grade Disposable Breathalyzer -
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02.SafeWay: Forensic-Grade Disposable Breathalyzer
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SafeWay: Forensic-Grade Disposable Breathalyzer


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  • Description

SafeWay Single Use Breathalyzer is a disposable alcohol breath tester specifically designed for sales to civil and military law enforcement and for forensic applications only. Safeway alcohol testers are available in multiple percentiles to test for various levels of breath-alcohol concentration (BrAC).

SafeWay does not require batteries or costly re-calibration. It is designed based on a chemical reaction that is not sensitive to any gas but alcohol. This highly selective reaction to alcohol reduces chance for a false positive situation (more common with the semiconductor sensors) Safeway sensitive crystals change color when exposed to alcohol. Safeway disposable alcohol detectors are not sold for consumer use as it is designed for police and for law enforcement purposes.

Ultra Compact Size
Smaller than cigarette, the SafeWay can be kept on hand at all times.

Simple and Quick to Use
Blow into the unit and within 2 minutes determine the presence of alcohol.

SafeWay is a one time, disposable unit for compact convenience.

Wide Range
Wide range tests: 0.02%, 0.04%, 0.05%, 0.08% BAC

One disposable SafeWay and instruction guide.

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